We empower social impact entrepreneurs.

In the world of startups the single most important step is having the right partner at early stage. Exceptionally, we support!


We invest smartly empowering great teams exceed boundaries.

DigiMark Ventures is an Eastern Europe micro VC firm created as a logical successor of the software innovations company DigiMark after it's global aquisition in 2018. We invest our expertise gained trough many years of developing innovative software and digital project in helping social impactful startups in Bulgaria and eastern europe. We provide not only funding but also consulting, mentoring, design, architectural and development help in the most critical stage for each startup – the beginning.

Our Companies

Airate is creaeted world's first window filter screen made of three layer nano-fiber technology that purifies the air inflow and cleans out the pollution when you open the window.

nPloy is an innovative Job Matching platform where via s simple mobile app job candidates swipe offers based on their own filters and connect directly with employers in a chat.

NutriGen is a DNA analysis company building the world's first Personal DNA Passport as mobile app software with subscription to regular personal health information right in your pocket.

inflow is a unique experiential innovations company executing great events and brand campaigns blended with digital innovations.

Dermico is a unique online remote diagnostic dermatologic platform, it provides direct contact with top Medical Doctors to help your skin diseases.

GEN1 is a mobile application which looks like social platform. Тhis app is created for people to find – people to train with, new gyms, learn and share about diets, exercises, therapies and healthy lifestyle.

DOGLAR is an app connecting dog owners. Its helping people to discover buddies for their walks, playmate for their dog, and other people sharing the same passion.

The first independent CLOUD based EMR APPs platform for all stakeholders in healthcare industry. It’s connecting Patients with Doctors, Pharmacies, Insurers and Government in a single platform.


If you are a social impact startup looking for initial funding that will be spend on digital technology development, don’t hesitate to contact us. Just send us your pitch deck and we will probably invite you for a meeting. Cheers!

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